Walkmen Network

This is all about IT solution of Walkmen Network

I have encountered several times that, in Mac’s Finder application, the list of files and folders is not updated. For example, when i have drag a new file to the NAS storage server from a PC, the new file does not appear in Finder of another Mac. Maybe PC and Mac are not quite compatible [...]

The default gesture for Trackpad in Mac OS X Lion breaks many application’s default paging gesture, e.g. iTunes Store, Finder. If you do not mind loosing one gesture. I would recommended to change the gesture for “Swipe between pages” to use two or three fingers by the following steps: Open System Preferences Go to Trackpad [...]

Sometimes, the fonts in the outlook is too small when composing email in Microsoft Outlook 2011.┬áThe only way fix that inside Outlook is to increase the font sizeby choosing format -> Increase Font Size (hot key is Command + ‘+’). However, it is non-sense to increase the font size when the composing font is already [...]