The default gesture for Trackpad in Mac OS X Lion breaks many application’s default paging gesture, e.g. iTunes Store, Finder. If you do not mind loosing one gesture. I would recommended to change the gesture for “Swipe between pages” to use two or three fingers by the following steps:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Go to Trackpad (Or type ‘T’, ‘r’ then ‘Enter’)
  3. Navigate to the Tab, “More Gestures
  4. Under “Swipe between pages“, select “Swipe with two or three fingers“.
    (You will see the “Swipe between full-screen apps” gesture automatically changed to “Swipe left or right with four fingers“)

New Lion is lovely. This little change would make it more friendly.

Select "Swipe with two or three fingers"

p.s. The two fingers gesture is required for using new safari page preview feature while the three fingers gesture is more compatible with most snow leopard application.