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While moving the Debian 8.2 postfix email server with MailScanner installed to virtual machine environment, there is some limitation on its processing power. It happened that the MailScanner cannot process too many email at the same time, as a result, error messages such as “Denial of Service attack in message!” start appearing. e-mails were being wrongly quarantined because of limited processing power for Mailscanner to finish scanning all emails at once.

Googling does not help, “postdrop” and “postdrop -rv” cannot help with below format error. Direct copy to mailqueue does not work (or i cannot see instant feedback).
fatal: uid=0: unexpected record type: 67

Finally, what you need is this command to run in the quarantined folder:
root@email:/var/spool/MailScanner/quarantine/[date]/[msg.id]/$ postcat -bh [quarantined message] | sendmail -t

The command postcat -bh will read the raw internal queued email message into a proper email format containing the mail header (-h) and body (-h) parts.
The command sendmail -t will then read the email and send to the recipients listed in the email header.

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ProFTPD killed suddenly after a day

The ProFTPD is killed quit frequently every night.

Dec 03 23:59:02 www.walkmen.net proftpd[xxxxx] localhost: ProFTPD killed (signal 15)
Dec 03 23:59:02 www.walkmen.net proftpd[xxxxx] localhost: ProFTPD x.y.z standalone mode SHUTDOWN

This is happened to be a bug when stopping ProFTPD too fast. The way to fix it is to modify the /etc/init.d/proftpd script and change every line having

start-stop-daemon --stop --signal $SIGNAL --quiet --pidfile "$PIDFILE"


start-stop-daemon --stop --signal $SIGNAL --retry 1 --quiet --pidfile "$PIDFILE"

Source: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23666697/proftpd-killed-signal-15-error-how-to-fix-logrotate-restart-error

NSStringEncoding gbkEncoding = CFStringConvertEncodingToNSStringEncoding(kCFStringEncodingGB_18030_2000);
NSString* newStr = [[NSString alloc] initWithData:data encoding:gbkEncoding];

I have encountered several times that, in Mac’s Finder application, the list of files and folders is not updated. For example, when i have drag a new file to the NAS storage server from a PC, the new file does not appear in Finder of another Mac. Maybe PC and Mac are not quite compatible to each other :p

At this moment, execute the following statement in the Terminal application:-
osascript -e ' tell application "Finder" to tell front window to update every item '

Reset MySQL Binary Logs

In short, you may find mysqld-bin.xxxxxx files wasting your disk space while you don’t know what are they used for. It is “safe” to remove this binary logs file by executing the following commands after login your MySQL server:

db:~# mysql -uroot -p
Enter password:
mysql> FLUSH LOGS;

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The default gesture for Trackpad in Mac OS X Lion breaks many application’s default paging gesture, e.g. iTunes Store, Finder. If you do not mind loosing one gesture. I would recommended to change the gesture for “Swipe between pages” to use two or three fingers by the following steps:

  1. Open System Preferences
  2. Go to Trackpad (Or type ‘T’, ‘r’ then ‘Enter’)
  3. Navigate to the Tab, “More Gestures
  4. Under “Swipe between pages“, select “Swipe with two or three fingers“.
    (You will see the “Swipe between full-screen apps” gesture automatically changed to “Swipe left or right with four fingers“)

New Lion is lovely. This little change would make it more friendly.

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Sometimes, the fonts in the outlook is too small when composing email in Microsoft Outlook 2011. The only way fix that inside Outlook is to increase the font sizeby choosing format -> Increase Font Size (hot key is Command + ‘+’).

However, it is non-sense to increase the font size when the composing font is already big enough for your recipient to read your email.

[For Mac OS X 10.6] There is another very hidden way to increase your specific application zoom ratio in Mac.  To make the overall Outlook application looks bigger, issue the following command in the Terminal app:

defaults write com.microsoft.Outlook AppleDisplayScaleFactor 1.25

Then, restart Outlook. You can see the outlook become 125% larger than the original size. This setting is not too horrible for text editing application with tiny text like Microsoft Outlook.

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To view each NTFS file permission of each folder, we can use the Xcacls.vbs to finish this easy task.

First, download the installation file from this link: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/825751/en-us

Then, extract the file and start a command prompt.

“cd” to the directory, and then run the following command:

C:\temp> cscript.exe xcacls.vbs c:\* /T

For our easy reference (and to add score to search engine), this is an important document to be reference for transfering/upgrade/downgrade Active Directory of Windows Servers.


Netscreen VPN Trouble Shooting Guide

This link is the very useful Juniper Official Trouble Shooting Guide for All Netscreen VPN. I bookmark in mysite for easy reference


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