Sometimes, the fonts in the outlook is too small when composing email in Microsoft Outlook 2011. The only way fix that inside Outlook is to increase the font sizeby choosing format -> Increase Font Size (hot key is Command + ‘+’).

However, it is non-sense to increase the font size when the composing font is already big enough for your recipient to read your email.

[For Mac OS X 10.6] There is another very hidden way to increase your specific application zoom ratio in Mac.  To make the overall Outlook application looks bigger, issue the following command in the Terminal app:

defaults write AppleDisplayScaleFactor 1.25

Then, restart Outlook. You can see the outlook become 125% larger than the original size. This setting is not too horrible for text editing application with tiny text like Microsoft Outlook.

To reset, execute the following command to make the zoom factor reset to 100%:

defaults write AppleDisplayScaleFactor 1.0