Walkmen Network

This is all about IT solution of Walkmen Network

Netscreen LDAP auth

For authenicating our user in our netscreen firewall’s VPN module,¬†our company uses Openldap server as the authentication server. As a newbie, I simply configured the server as the netscreen manual instructed. On the WEBUI, Configuration -> Auth -> Auth Servers, Click “New” In the Page, Name: OpenLDAP Server IP: Account Type: (Select) Auth (Select) [...]

Netscreen Debug

To debug netscreen information, we have to use a hidden command “debug” Login to the netscreen console, you can see the command prompt login: netscreen (default) password: [netscreen] (default) after that you will see the prompt: ssg5-fw1-> [tab] clear clear dynamic system info delete delete persistent info in flash exec exec system commands exit exit [...]